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Illinois Department of Public Health is available 24 hours a day: 800-889-3931

Hospital Directory/Operator 217-876-8121

Centralized Scheduling 217-876-1111

Looking For A Provider 217-876-2856

Information (Patient) 217-876-2011

Customer Service (Patient Care) 217-876-2007

Thank you for choosing Decatur Memorial Hospital. As a valued customer, we want to know what you think of the care you received. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about your visit or your stay with us, you can communicate them to us by clicking on “Questions or Comments” or filling in the form below. You can also call our Customer Service at 217-876-2007 or email Customer Service.

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Decatur Memorial Hospital

2300 N. Edward Street
Decatur, Illinois 62526
Phone: 217-876-8121

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We want to make your registration process as easy and as efficient as possible. Please call us before your planned visit and view our Pre-Registration page for hours and phone numbers.

Medical Records

Visit our medical records information.

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Decatur Memorial Hospital

2300 N. Edward Street
Decatur, IL 62526


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